The Estate – the Gardens

Portes des Iris

Located within the magnificent Estate of Château de Vullierens, Portes des Iris was originally a monumental and splendid farmhouse dated from the 16th century, one of the largest in “Canton de Vaud”. In 1998, it was converted by the owners of the Chateau into a prestigious banqueting centre able to host events of all kinds. The main building overlooks the famous iris Gardens and offers a beautiful view of the Alps and the Mont Blanc. Portes des Iris, which is easily accessible, is only 20 minutes from Lausanne and 40 from Geneva.

When the work began, the Châtelaine, Dorianne Destenay Bovet, originally an artist in New York, was struck by the superb views through the six vaulted stone doors. Inspired by the beauty of the Alps and the bucolic countryside, she decided that the doors should become the focal point of the restoration.

She used glass to preserve the views and natural daylight and added wrought iron decorative elements evoking the garden’s irises and daylilies. They were made by Fabio Zacchei, a well known artisan in Siena.

This unique decor includes as well original chandeliers and lights, a perfect marriage of ancient masonry and innovative contemporary elements, evoking the famous irises and lilies of the castle grounds. The works of art, painting and antique furniture are from the private collection of the Château.


History of the Estate

The Estate of Château de Vullierens has belonged to the same family for over 700 years. Most of its 250 acres is farmland. The original medieval castle built in 1300, was partially demolished and replaced by the present Château in 1712. The mother of the current owner created the famous Iris Garden. Learn more about the history of the area





Enjoy a great day out in the countryside visiting these unique private gardens. The chateau gardens are open to the public twice a year for the spring gardens (mid-may to late june) followed by the autumn gardens in September. A new era for the gardens has begun, introducing innovative garden designs, bringing a wider spectrum of plants, colours and scents, for the next generation. The abundance of bluebells, fragrant roses, tree paeonies, lavender, perennials, climbing plants and the glory of the autumn colours , completes the annual spectacle for visitors. Admire an amazing collection of 550 different varieties of iris and day lilies, with new cultivars on show every year. Take a stroll through the vineyards, down the Cavaliers Avenue into the Woodland walk and sit by the enchanted pond. Enjoy the various cultural activities , boutique and art gallery, culminating with refreshment in the chateau tea-room, partaking in morning coffee, light lunches or afternoon tea.

Guided tours around the gardens, including a tasting of the chateau wines, are available on request.