Committed to Excellence

At Portes des Iris, we are committed to Excellence in all our activities!

For the past few years, we have taken the time to regularly reflect on our mission, which we want to be worthy of the historically rich walls we use to welcome our clients and your guests. Our 5 Keys to Excellence are a synthesis of this and our majordome Hubert our mentor.

Together we put into words the values we hold dear. Our reflection was not only on our individual know-how but also on why we do it. In conclusion, we have defined actions that we are committed to take on a daily basis.

Team outing Portes des Iris and Château de Vullierens, Blancpain, Le Brassus, October 2019


We are committed to ensuring that our clients and your guests can fully experience this Excellence, from the very first contact, whatever it may be, and throughout the entire experience at Portes des Iris. Thanks to this strong promise, we now have a common vision, clear and unifying concrete objectives that we share with you here.




We welcome our clients in an authentic place, continuously adapted to the requirements of a professional and private clientele. Thanks to our technical and human skills, we actively contribute to making each event a unique experience



Our style is inimitable, we give a soul to each event organized at Portes des Iris



We are enthusiastic and full of energy in all situations


wedding planner aux Portes des Iris


We know our customers’ expectations and like to exceed them


Mariée dans les jardins, photoshoot mariage avec un cheval aux Portes des Iris.


Our passion: to create an unforgettable memory in the heart of each guest, customer and visitor of Portes des Iris



We love our work and cultivate professional excellence



We choose providers who share the same values as us




We are a united and respectful team that cultivates a taste for cooperation in a harmonious atmosphere




Hubert is our guide and thanks to him, we renew daily the experience of Excellence, applying the keys that we have created as a team!