Portes des Iris
Indian wedding reception in Switzerland, wedding destination testimony

Rehan and Gayatri’s destination wedding

While preparing amazing days for our 2020 Brides and Grooms, we are looking back to the beautiful events that took place during the last year at Portes des Iris.


In this article we’re sharing an incredible wedding that was celebrated during several days!

We first met the parents of the Bride, who were very involved in the organisation of the wedding, as the couple is leaving abroad. We are therfore very greatful to collect the impressions of the Mother of the Bride for a change, Mrs Shalini Bahadur. The whole organisation process was a very touching experience for us and we are more than happy to share the words of these very special clients!


Also discover a beautiful photo gallery at the end of the article !

Gabriel Oswald Photography captured the beautiful moments of these celebration days with much talent 🙂 as always.


Being an international family, what made you choose Switzerland as a destination for your daughter’s wedding?

“Actually, although we are ‘international’, we have very strong links with Switzerland and this area. We first lived here 29 years ago, and our daughter was born here. Then, after living in some other amazing countries, we came back to live in Switzerland 11 years ago. Our daughter graduated from school here, and renewed her connections with the country of her birth. Though she lives and works in London now, this is also ‘home’ to her and to us. And, it was her fiancé’s and her decision to get married in Switzerland.”


Did you have any particular venue style or other specifics in mind when you started hunting for the perfect place to celebrate this very special date?

 “Whilst everyone wants a beautiful and if possible scenic venue, we were also expecting many family and friends from all over the world to come celebrate with us. So, as we looked at many different possibilities, the ability to host 200-odd guests comfortably was a major criterion.”


Do you remember your first impressions after visiting Portes des Iris with one of our event coordinator ?

 “During our wedding venue hunt, our dear Swiss friend who has always shared a deep godmotherly bond with our daughter helped us very proactively with the wedding along with her husband, nudged us (strongly!) to visit Portes des Iris. And we are so glad she did. A beautiful sunny day, the rolling hills, lush countryside, a gorgeous venue alongwith the feeling of competence and class as confidently projected by the event coordinator gave us a feeling of having landed in just the right place. It was hence on the top of our shortlisted venues when our daughter and her fiancé came for the deciding look-see!”


We realize it must have been quite a challenge to welcome guests from all over, how many countries? Did you get help to coordinate all the logistic of lodging and transportation?

 “I think we had guests from about 15 countries. We did the spadework for their travel ourselves, which combined with the well-seasoned travelers that most of them are, worked out very well.”


You were recommended 8 caterers at Portes des Iris to choose from, how did you find the other suppliers, the ideas for decorating, etc…?

“Organizing a wedding is a (beautiful!) journey. You start with some things known and most things unknown. And then, one thing leads to another and another … The wonderful part is that you meet many interesting people along the way, and know when you have found the right ones that will help you put it all together in the manner in which you have imagined things to be. We were very fortunate to have a superb team on board.”


We understood that the celebrations lasted more than one day, can you tell us more about it ?

“We are an Indian family. Our son had gotten married in Sonoma, California, last year. Hence, the wedding organizational experience was still very fresh in our minds. Much as we did then, we wanted to represent all aspects of who we are in the course of the wedding. And trace our journey and homes across the world at different points in time through the food we served too. We first had a welcome evening at our home for all our international guests, followed by an Indian evening of amazing food, music and dance at a beautiful vineyard. The final evening was at the Portes des Iris. Everything went off to perfection, each location made for a memorable wedding.”


A wedding is the perfect occasion to include tradition and custom, which one did you choose to incorporate?

“We incorporated everything that defines us – multi-religious, multi-cultural, respectful of all possible sentiments, and most of all, respectful of what the bride and groom wanted from this very important occasion. “


How would you qualify your experience with Portes des Iris event team? In which ways were we able to help in the organization ? Did we meet your expectations in term of service?

 “We are full of praise for the Portes des Iris event team. From the word go, you gave us beautiful support, suggestions, confidence, and helped sew the whole experience together impeccably. Each of you are amazing – a venue can be very beautiful, but it is the event team that brings the occasion to fruition. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. This was indeed one of the most important occasions of our lives, and we couldn’t have imagined better! “


Any special memories or anecdote you could share with our brides and groom-to-be? Any recommendation?

 “This is a very special venue, looked after by a very competent team. It is a winning combination for any memorable occasion. Our recent bride and groom say, “Remember to enjoy your special day!”


The vineyard reception


Getting ready at Portes des Iris


Civil Ceremony in the Athena room


Evening reception in the Dorianna room


A huge thank you to Shalini who took the time to answer our questions. This wedding will stay as a wonderful memory in our minds and will warm our hearts every time we think about it. We’re sending our best wishes to the newlyweds, may they live happily ever after together 🙂


Léa Margot, January 2020