Portes des Iris

Boho-chic, a persisting trend!

A boho wedding is not just a lovely rustic decoration or a wick in the wind, it is much more indeed, a carefully selected combination that is articulated around a whole philosophy that we will try to describe here..


“Montmartre en ce temps-là”….  Aznavour spoke about it so well, bohemia meant so many things…. young people, dreamers, lovers, passionate, idealists, destitute, artists, hungry or extremely rich…. all had one thing in common, FREEDOM…

According to Balzac, who already spoke of it in the 19th century, “Bohemia has nothing and lives on everything it has”.  It is much more than a style, but really a state of mind, a way of living, traveling, eating, loving, and above all thinking.

Going off the path, daring to be different, assuming ourselves for what we are, feeling free, feeling alive, not conforming to the criteria imposed by a society in constant pursuit of results, living our dreams and dreaming our lives. Sometimes against the codes, sometimes on the margins, but always in harmony with ourselves..

The result is also a great gentleness, a quest for serenity, peace of mind, nature and well-being. Although the result of frustration and rebellion, the bohemian is not revolted but simply refuses to enter into an imposed framework and loudly proclaims Freedom for all.

However, for some years now, it has also been a very fashionable trend in weddings and this is precisely what we are going to talk about… 🙂


Jane Birkin, iconic figure of boho

What is a boho chic wedding?

What are we talking about?

First of all, it’s a wedding that looks just like you, and only like you. It’s a decoration, a dress, small details, accessories that will only come out of your own tastes, experiences, shared memories, travels, and where audacity has its place as much as authenticity and nature, because you are free.

From an aesthetic point of view we are talking about lightness, freedom, poetry, simplicity, elegance, intimacy and a return to roots…

pic by Dan Petrovic, decoration by Kalosia

Light and fresh

Small touches that seem to have appeared on their own, a flower pricked in your hair, twigs arranged on a table, a ceremonial central path gracefully decorated, without overcharging, but where each detail will play its best to become one with the rest. While leaving a feeling of natural freshness that will give your decoration the impression of being made without any effort …


pic by Hanry Human, decoration by Kalosia

Freedom and poetry

A dress full of poetry that plays with the smallest breeze, in constant movement, hair in the wind or in a messy bun, locks, lace, a wreath of flowers, the list is long as the style is declined in different ways. The folk wedding is white, beige, plays with pastel and soft tones, cream … we talk about softness here again.

A simple bouquet, slightly unstructured, rustic and seasonal will be the perfect complement to the ideal outfit.


Simplicity and elegance

The authenticity of our wooden Dorianna room is perfect for a boho-chic wedding, just as if they were made for … it takes very little to bring out all their character … a few touches are enough to make this place a parenthesis out of time, just for you the time of one evening. Garlands, laurel, eucalyptus, and other greenery for a rural and natural spirit, and why not, some natural stones, granite, agates or geodes to play with the light and immerse yourself in an indie universe? Because the magic of boho is also the sweet mix of cultures and tastes.


pic by Marie Montibert


pic by Marie Montibert


Decoration ideas? We love above all the tent to decorate our terraces for a total boho immersion! Unforgettable photos in a charming setting and a custom-made decoration by the talented Céline, a true ambassador of the Boho spirit! More great decorative ideas and inspiration at www.thebohomes.ch.



Whether you are two, four, 20, 50 or 120, the magic of this timeless universe guarantees a warm, soft and intimate atmosphere. We feel good together, free, and happy to share with our beloved ones these moments that are so much like us. A unique wedding, that we fully appropriate, without limits nor frame, with the only aim to live things as we feel it deep inside us.


pic by Marie Montibert

Back to nature

What a wonderful setting that 30 hectares of gardens offering itself to you, a bridle path offering infinite possibilities and a whole enchanted forest to resource yourselves and rediscover the essence of the happiness of being two forever. The connection speaks for itself, it’s right there, accessible to all. On the terraces for an aperitif in the heart of nature, under the barn for a most authentic ceremony.


pic by Marie Montibert

What about a ceremony in the heart of our centennial trees?

What would you say? Immerse yourself as close as possible to our roots, dive into the softness of a most enchanting setting, cherish this vegetation and let yourselves be lulled by the breathtaking nature that surrounds us here. Discover our new offer for a wedding in total harmony and connection, which is unique because it’s your wedding!


And what do we eat?

Above all we eat regional if possible, seasonal, healthy and if possible organic…. simple and original dishes, all with finesse and excellence. Tradition, slow-food, respect for culture and the land is also the Boho spirit. Without getting overly complicated, we go straight to the essentials with well-defined flavors, authentic and refined dishes, a healthy mind in a healthy body, MIAM!


Aurore de Comarmond, septembre 2020