Portes des Iris
Mariage en automne aux Portes des Iris

In Fall – Prepare for your golden wedding

The Indian summer lasts at Portes des Iris until November. The rich and warm colours, the scarlet, yellow and burnt orange shades, will delight your guests. Look no longer, we have THE DECOR.

Atmospheres and colours

From mid-September, the bridle path is adorned with its most beautiful reflections. An incomparable palette of colours decorates the edge of our forest, especially impressive seen from our Terrasse des Iris. Overlooking our gardens, you can admire the treetops while distinguishing the lake on the horizon.

Enjoy the last rays of autumn sunshine from our Terrace of Collonges. Even when the sun is hidden behind the hills of the surrounding meadows, the soft colours of the sky will bathe your aperitif in a naturally subdued light.


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Immersion in nature, shades of colours as far as the eyes can see; it’s a guarantee of unforgettable memories. The gardens of the Château de Vullierens are full of more than romantic places for your photos.

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Between September and November, let the gentle rays of the sun bathe our terraces in a world of incomparable colours and enjoy the most bucolic season of the year.

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Because in autumn, we also need the warmth and a cozy and elegant place to take refuge in case of a flood, take advantage of our ceremony rooms that are at your disposal!

To continue the party, what could be nicer than a meal by the fire in the magnificent Dorianna room?

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What to have your guests savour?

From pumpkin velouté to the sweet flavours of chestnuts, not forgetting the power of game aromas for its lovers, a range of dishes with the smell of truffles, chanterelles, bolets and wild mushrooms. The richness of the possibilities is infinite and leaves room for the Chef’s creativity in a tone of autumnal comfort.

In the form of small culinary entertainments, a stand for cutting ham by the minute, cervelas grilled around a braséro, fondue trees, minute tartars with truffle flavours, a raclette stand, hot chestnuts and why not a small Vacherin Mont D’or?!

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And to surprise and please your guests, here is our selection of small seasonal presents:

Gifts and accessories

For fine grape varieties lovers, why not offer a bottle of Domaine du Château de Vullierens wine as a souvenir to your guests? You will be able to customize your labels according to your wishes… your choice of Chasselas, Pinot Noir, Gamaret-Garanoir and the latest addition, the Galotta.

A bottle of cold-pressed rapeseed oil from the Estate or also our famous rhizomes which, planted before the frost, will become magnificent irises in spring?

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Because at Portes des lris, fall also goes hand in hand with beautiful flowers…

We have told you about the land, the fire place, the soft colours and scarlet hues of the October sun, but here are a few floral surprises to discover in our gardens, which will also sublimate your photos! Multicolored dahlias, lupins, irises, cyclamen and many others for the pleasure of your eyes…

October 2019, Aurore de Comarmond