Portes des Iris
Portait d'Aurore dans le bâtiment.

Aurore de Comarmond, project manager at Portes des Iris

I am 37 years old, married for 13 years, I have 3 young children and I live in this pretty little village of Vullierens! Born in Lausanne from a Hungarian mother and a Swiss father, I grew up and lived there until I was 20. I speak English, Italian and I can understand a lot of things in German!

I graduated from the Geneva Hotel School in 2006 and have always worked in the field of events, marketing and sales. After a wonderful experience at the Beau-Rivage Palace in Lausanne, I consolidated my professional development at the prestigious IMD in Lausanne, where I was mainly in charge of large corporate, political, economic and sports events. I then devoted the next 4 years to my family life.

One year ago I had the chance to join the Portes des Iris team and to return to this beautiful activity!

What I like about my job

The list is very long and would be impossible for me to transcribe… because there is nothing I don’t like. I love more than anything the contact with others, accompanying the newlyweds for example in the tumult of the organization, advising, supporting.  I love more than anything to share these moments of pure happiness with my clients. I like challenges and I am always ready to take them up. I admire my work environment every day when I arrive in the morning… working in such a place is priceless to me. I love it when the demands are overwhelming and we are running around trying to meet them all. My greatest gift is when my clients tell me that they had the best day of their lives here or that the event was a success for the clients, the staff, etc.!

Portes des Iris en pleine été.

My favorite season

At Portes des Iris, each season has its own unique charm!  Winter with the warmth of the crackling fireplace and the softness of the Dorianna room, spring with its irises that bring nature back to life, summer with its flowers and its endless evenings, autumn with its soft end of day lulled by romantic colors. I would have difficulties to choose a season, because in the end what dazzles me above all is the magic of this round which illuminates our beautiful building differently at each moment of the year.

The most stressful for me

I feel comfortable when there is stress, being out in the field, answering calls in a row and having several files piled up on my desk… going from appointment to appointment and not knowing what time it is! The most stressful thing for me would be to not have any stress!

The events that impressed me the most

As the youngest member of the team, I still have a lot of beautiful events to discover, because we evolve in a setting where everything is possible – or almost! The most impressive thing for me is to see this magical place being transformed at each event, at each occasion. From a car exhibition to a wedding, then to a garden party for 1000 people with bouncy castles in all the gardens, back to a company conference and back to an end of year party with a performance with ribbons hanging from the ceiling of the Dorianna room…. Fire throwers, mapping on the facade, arrival by helicopter, groom on horseback, fireworks, everything is spectacular in this magical place.

The most original wedding

Each wedding is unique and original. I love to listen and see your ideas, your decorations, the way you all have to appropriate this place full of history to make it yours for a day.

Décoration de table dans la salle Dorianna.

My greatest pleasure

Seeing our customers with smiles on their faces and tears in their eyes, hearing glasses clink on our terraces, living these magical moments with you. Seeing everyone leave satisfied with their experience at Portes des Iris is my greatest pleasure in my work! In my real life, it is to live the moment in the present with those I cherish.

If I didn’t work at Portes des Iris

I would have chosen to work for a foundation that helps sick children or children in social difficulty. Doing good for others remains a priority in my life.

A completely different job? I would have a farm with horses and I would have specialized in Cossack acrobatics!