Portes des Iris

The Winter Wedding of Lyse and Guillaume at Portes des Iris

For some time now, the trend has been towards Winter Weddings! Everything is easier to organize, no worries about the weather, pollen or the risk of thunderstorms during the aperitif… At Portes des Iris, we have a Winter Wedding formula that allows you to get married at a low price, to benefit from small gifts and especially to enjoy your guests more serenely, since there is less risk that they are on vacation or in exams!

We have excellent memories of this wonderful couple who said yes almost 3 years ago, on February 11, 2017.

Thanks to Lyse and Guillaume for sharing their impressions, in pictures and testimonies.

First of all, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think back to Portes des Iris?
Do you remember how you discovered us?

– Of course we remember one thing: our beautiful wedding! Lyse had known the estate since she was a child: she had come to see the iris gardens with her parents. Then, later on, we saw more pictures of the wedding that took place at the estate.

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When you first visited Portes des Iris, what struck you?

– The facade lit up at night.

What made you decide to choose Portes des Iris to celebrate your D-Day?

– The magic and beauty of the place, the services offered, you (Corinne), the attention and the excitement that the team brought us. Given the guidance), your comments and reactions, we felt that our wedding was the most beautiful of all 😉

In spite of the amount of weddings you organise… BRAVO!

Did you request the assistance of one of the coordinators at Portes des Iris during the preparation of your wedding? If so, what was your experience with her and what influence did this assistance have on your preparations?

– Yes, Corinne; she gave us valuable and personalized help, advice and remarkable ideas. She gave us a guideline and we were able to create our wedding around it.

It is always a pleasure to be able to accompany you, advise you, help you with your wedding preparations. Do not hesitate to delegate, we are here for you! Our role is to make sure that everything goes according to your wishes. We are present on your wedding day to supervise the preparations, welcome your guests, prepare the different reception rooms and make sure that everyone is relaxed and serene. One of us will be there for you!

What was the highlight of your D-Day?
– It’s hard to say, because there were so many. Perhaps it was the moment of the meal in that beautiful room.
What kind of impact did the place have on this beautiful day?
– Major! Besides our guests always talk about it 😉 Besides, nobody dares to marry around us anymore, or at least, we are not invited for fear of doing less good… 🙂
What would be your recommendation to future brides and grooms? 
– Privatise Portes des Iris, do your wedding in winter, trust the coordinators and choose Cinq Sens as caterer!

Thank you both for your feedback and it is surely because of you that we will soon be able to accompany other winter brides and grooms!


Photo credits: all the images of the wedding of Lyse and Guillaume were taken by Joao-Images. You will find more information on his website www.joao-images.com

The delights of Cinq Sens are to be discovered on www.cinq-sens.ch

The smiles of the coordinators were captured by the talented portraitist… Martine Crémieux

And for more photos, log on to Pinterest!

Corinne Salvisberg Perrone, January 2020