Portes des Iris

Our old hay Barn – a great asset for your event

While the gardens and terraces to the south and southwest of Portes des Iris remain the most recognized exteriors of the site, the Courtyard side of the Main Building offers, without a doubt, an additional and original event opportunity.

The rustic side of the building, made of old wood, has become a major asset for weddings opting for a country chic theme. The bohemian style is ideal for a secular ceremony or an autumn aperitif.

Bohemian wedding ceremony under the Barn, pic by Marie Montibert

Winter weddings are in full swing, especially at Portes des Iris, which knows how to warm hearts by the light of its candles or by its fireplace. The importance of the scenery for the couple’s photos remains and our Barn is a space that adapts to all types of daring and even, in the summer, allows photogenic scenarios.

Photo Gabriella Oswald

For corporate events the possibilities are endless. At the reception of the guests, the Courtyard side of the Building allows to mark a pause in the course of the festivities; a first official part for example or an animation giving the tempo of the continuation of the festivities.

During large parties, the space can host an event in the heart of the event and thus allow a circulation between the different animations organized.

Private concert of the guitarist of the rock band ACDC with his new group.

The Barn plays an important role in Swiss, country or western themes and can be returned to its original use without much effort as these bucolic photos show.

The vehicles of our automobile customers are ready to go. Technical details are explained in full and a sit-down workshop can even be offered. All the details of what is possible for this kind of customer event in our blog article .

Display of cars under the Barn ready for test-drives


Teambuilding professionals are very fond of this space which allows them to carry out all kinds of activities under cover, but in the open air, with no noise limitation and whatever the weather.


Sophie Bertorelli – April 2020