Portes des Iris
Corinne Salvisberg-Perrone, responsable des événements à Portes des Iris

Corinne Salvisberg Perrone, event manager for more than 22 years

I speak French, English, German and Spanish, my preferred language. I would love to learn Portuguese. I enjoy cycling, fitness, nordic walking, which I can do around Portes des Iris, skiing and skating. I also enjoy gardening, cooking and going to the theater.

In my job, I am fortunate enough to be able to admire many of the culinary creations served to guests; when I can be a guest again, I enjoy eating fish and shellfish that I don’t often cook.

I have always worked in the hotel and event industry since I graduated from EHL – Hospitality Business School, but my passion is wedding planning.

Corinne portant le voile de la mariée sur la terrasse des iris.

What I like about my work

The diversity of the events I can manage and the richness of the people I work with: the clients, the providers, the caterers and their teams, and my colleagues.

My favorite season

Summer, when the wedding season is in full swing and I can make our bride and groom’s dreams come true.

The most stressful for me

I don’t like conflict and I don’t like it when the technique is lacking. But I have learned to deal with these elements over the years and I am able to surround myself with specialists and take things one step at a time, with calmness and diplomacy.

Corinne Salvisberg Perrone en plein évènement.

The wedding that impacted me the most

The first one! It was in the middle of winter with a lot of snow, more than 200 guests from all over the world and very demanding clients. A success, the bride and groom came back twice to Portes des Iris for the baptism of their children.

The most original wedding

A Hindu ceremony where all the guests were seated on the floor, barefoot, around a monumental basin where a large fire was burning. All the women were adorned with gold jewelry, henna tattoos and shimmering colors.

Corinne Salvisberg Perrone sonnant la cloche.

The biggest challenge

Mounting a curtain in the Dorianna room to hide the 12-meter high beams or responding to the request of the bride and groom who wanted a majestic entrance for their cake, we proposed to open the removable part of the floor that is in the room and to make the cake enter by hoisting it up thanks to the pulley from the farm’s era. And when we have ceremonies on our terraces, we do everything to make sure that they take place outside despite the uncertainties of the weather, even if it means having to change locations several times.

My greatest pleasure

Accompanying two people in all the organizational aspects of a day that marks a strong commitment. Each couple requires special attention and the relationship that is established and built with the bride and groom is always unique.

Corinne en train de discuter avec des clients.

If I didn’t work at Portes des Iris

I would love to train adults in event management, take care of athletes at the Olympics or manage the accompaniment at children’s camps.

I am happy to answer your questions by email: