Portes des Iris

G&A – 20.07.2019

Their wedding at Portes des Iris

The great summer wedding season is now coming to an end ! While busy creating unforgettable days for our future brides and grooms of 2020, we have a thought for all the wonderful weddings that have taken place over the past 21 years at the Portes des Iris.

We contacted some couples who had celebrated their union on the former farm of the Château and they shared with us memories of their Great Day.

Discover the experience of G&A who got married this July at Portes des Iris !

Picture by Gabriela Oswald Photography

Globe-trotters and currently based in India A&G chose Switzerland and Portes des Iris to celebrate their love. Natural elegance and perfect connexion are the words that best describe this beautiful couple that I have had the pleasure to meet only a few days before their Big Day , we did all the prep through skype.  From the couple rehearsing their first danse the day before to the note left by the groom on the door of the bride prep room, right before an ultimate choreography practice him alone in the dinner room, the tone was set.

Surrounded by family and friends from all over the world A&G exchange vows within our walls before heading to a beautiful garden party followed by a sit-down dinner full of emotional words spread by parents and close friends. Everyone danced the night away and all left us with the best memories.

Picture by Gabriela Oswald Photography

Being an international couple, what made you choose Switzerland as a destination for your wedding?

“We’ve spent years living and working in hostile places (as reporters) so we knew we wanted to celebrate our marriage in a tranquil, charming and internationally-accessible place. Alexandra is Swiss and Girish is British. We explored both countries but we—and even Girish’s British friends—agreed that Switzerland was the more exciting spot. We both love Lake Léman, the Alps and Vaud’s vineyards and villages. Switzerland also has better food, allows for later parties and definitely offers superior weather!”

Did you have any particular venue style or other specifics in mind when you started hunting for the perfect place to celebrate this very special date?

“We knew we wanted a single venue for the whole day. We wanted to show off the best of Switzerland and were keen on a setting in or near a quaint village similar to the one Alexandra grew up in. We did not want to get married in a luxurious hotel that lacked meaning. And we needed the venue to be an easy drive or train ride from Geneva airport.”

Pictures by Gabriela Oswald Photography

Do you remember your first impressions after having visiting Portes des Iris with one of our event coordinators?

“We’d flown in from Venezuela to look for venues near London and Geneva but nothing had caught our eye, so we were somewhat worried about not finding the right fit. By the time we had walked onto Portes des Iris’ lawn, however, we knew this was it. It wasn’t just the garden, of course. We loved the main hall, an elegant but empty canvas for us to make our own. And we were relieved that you had such a good set-up for rainy days—though we were constantly checking the weather, of course, hoping that we wouldn’t need it!”

We realize it must have been quite a challenge to organize everything from abroad as you both live in India. How did you manage?

“We decided to throw a lot at early 2019: We moved continents, Girish switched industries and we were planning a wedding. So there was a lot to juggle. We didn’t have a wedding planner but your wonderful team really took on that role. Your curated list of vendors and hotels gave us a big leg up in terms of planning. Relatives near and far also played a huge part.”

Pictures by Gabriela Oswald photography & Flowers by L’Atelier de Coralie

How would you qualify your experience with Portes des Iris event team? in which ways were we able to help in the organisation? Did we meet you expectation in term of service?

“You were great. The staff members with whom we spoke a few weeks before the wedding day—when things went from this abstract idea of a wedding to a very real event—demonstrated militaristic organisational skills coupled with empathy and excitement. Your team always understood what we wanted, often better than we did.”

Pictures by Gabriela Oswald & Catering by Cinq Sens

Any special memories (the dance you both did must be an unforgettable one!) or anecdote you could share with our brides and groom-to-be? any recommendation?

“We’d like to relive the whole thing! One of the biggest highs, though, was our first dance. We’d worked on the Michael Jackson- and Freddie Mercury-inspired choreography for months, without a single guest knowing, not even our parents, best men or bridesmaids. Around midnight we sneaked out to change our clothes, had a last rehearsal and took some deep breaths. Then, with utmost nerves, we gave the cue to the band before walking onto the dancefloor to The Way You Make Me Feel. It was amazing, done in a flash and, once the song ended, we could finally relax, knowing we’d done it—gotten married and completed our dance. The band began and we danced for more than four hours.

Pictures by Gabriela Oswald Photography

Our biggest piece of advice for future couples is to be present at their own wedding. Don’t worry about anything at all; everyone wants to have a great time so they will. And don’t feel obliged to do anything, like spend hours on photographs or micromanage the food. We decided to only take about 20 minutes out for posed pictures with friends and family, for instance. That meant we were able to enjoy the cocktail party, dig into some of the appetisers and, more importantly, spend time with guests. Also, take a break when you need it! We specifically asked the Portes des Iris team to ensure no one entered one of the side rooms except us. Only we had the key!”

Pictures by Gabriela Oswald Photography


December 2019, Sophie Bertorelli